Karshif Chronicles

Born from our research trip in Siwa-Egypt, Karshif Chronicles unfolds as an investigation of materiality and the intimate relationship between land, culture, and human endeavours.  As we immersed ourselves into the salt-tinged oasis, we embarked on an exploration of karshif—a naturally grown conglomerate intricately woven into the very essence of Siwa's landscape.


Fluid Residuum is a site-specific material investigation into the overlooked and so-called “waste” materials produced in large volumes by the construction industry. In collaboration with the local gravel company BEER SA in Rabius-Switzerland, we have been exploring alternative uses for gravel quarry waste which is usually discarded as landfill.

Ocean Articulated

Ocean Articulated is a geomorphological investigation into material cycles of salt and sand. It delves into the origins of materials, from the remnants of ancient oceans to glacial deposits, and examines how those materials are used today. With this appreciation a new material has been developed as a result of the reaction between dissolved salt and a combination of natural binder and sand.

Gypsum Act

Gypsum Act is a process oriented material investigation into material properties and fabrication process of gypsum. An experimental way of shaping the material has been studied and as a result, empty space of the moving liquid gypsum is revealed. The form evolves out of the specific conditions and capabilities of gypsum, with contributions from the law of chance.