Ocean Articulated

Ocean Articulated is a geomorphological investigation into material cycles. It delves into the origins of materials, from the remnants of ancient oceans, and examines how those materials are used today. With this appreciation a new material has been developed as a result of the reaction between dissolved salt and a combination of natural binder and sand.

Gypsum Act

Gypsum Act is a process oriented material investigation into material properties and fabrication process of gypsum. An experimental way of shaping the material has been studied and as a result, empty space of the moving liquid gypsum is revealed. The form evolves out of the specific conditions and capabilities of gypsum, with contributions from the law of chance.

Vases Eidola x Végété

These handcrafted EIDOLA x VÉGÉTÉ vases were created in close collaboration with Studio Végété in Zurich. The limited series of ceramic vases are the result of an exploration through material, spatial and botanical relationships.

Structural Crochet

Structural crochet is a series of laced products made of e-waste and created as a result of an ongoing collaboration with Gomos AG, a cable recycling company in Zürich. A new function and use are created in the lifecycle of electric cables.

Porcelain Deformation

Porcelain has been known as the most prestigious type of pottery for its delicacy, strength, translucency and its white colour. Porcelain reaches a molten-like consistency at high temperatures around 1250-1300 Celsius degrees during firing, and the project Porcelain Deformation has undertaken to explore the possibilities of this material behavior.