Dripped Dreams

Site specific installation, Dripped Dreams. SE, 2024.

Site specific installation, Dripped Dreams. SE, 2024.

Dripped Dreams is a curious inquiry into the dialectics between the nature’s processes and human artifice. The project draws its conceptual and methodological inspiration from the natural phenomena of stalagmite formations, where the consistent drip and subsequent accumulation of mineral-rich waters in caves result in the creation of time-etched sculptures.

Central to this exploration is an innovative material mixture composed of fine sand—a byproduct of the construction industry, salt and a plant-based bio-binder. Employing a methodology that echoes the craft of sand casting, “Dripped Dreams” reinterprets this traditional technique through a process of deliberate, contemplative dripping. This approach allows for the gradual layering and solidification of the material into structural forms.

The inherent ephemerality of the project’s artefacts, underscored by their composition with a water-soluble binder, serves as a critical reflection on the concepts of durability and degradation. These objects, initially perceived as stable and enduring, are intrinsically designed to disintegrate, embodying the natural cycles of creation and dissolution that govern the physical world.

Excavation of a single element. SE, 2024.

Each fragment is dripped into the sand mould and excavated after drying. Here the mould sand is used as a supporting structure to create vertical elements.

Tin discs. SE, 2024.

Tin discs are introduced to slow down the water runoff on the surface in a heavy weather situation since the material is water dissolvable. Additionally, they act as barriers to prevent moisture transfer between individual fragments.

Tin joint making. SE, 2024.

To join individual fragments, tin plugs were cast from recycled tinware. This plug system allows for easy on-site assembly.

Dripped Dreams. SE, 2024.

Object 01, Dripped Dreams. SE, 2024.

Dripped Dreams. SE, 2024.

Project info

2024 - Ilanz -Graubünden - CH
Discarded fine sand from gravel industry, salt and pland-based bio-binder.
Currently shown in Villa Bagatti Alsecchi, Milano, as part of Alcova.