Structural Crochet

Structural crochet is a series of laced products made of e-waste and created as a result of an ongoing collaboration with Gomos AG, a cable recycling company in Zürich. A new function and use are created in the lifecycle of electric cables.

They are self-supporting hollow structures thanks to the technique of crochet and the material features of cables. The loop technique allows to create structures with a single material, can solve compression strength problems and the pieces can easily be deconstructed without waste.

The growing structure itself becomes an ornament with the traditional crochet technique.

002 - Under compression. SE, 2020.

002 - Form study one. SE, 2020.

002 - Form study two. SE, 2020.

002 - Form study three. SE, 2020.

002 - Point load. SE, 2020.

002 - Equal distribution. SE, 2020.

002 - Disbalance. SE, 2020.

002 - Form study four. SE, 2020.

002 - Form study five. SE, 2020.

002 - Deforming. SE, 2020.

002 - Vertical load. SE, 2020.

Project info

2020 - Zürich
Recycled electric cables.
Collaboration with Gomos AG.